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Eyes + Vision mobile app provides its service to you following these Terms, which may be updated without notice to you (You can review the latest version of this Terms at any time by following the link in an app Settings screen). Using Eyes + Vision mobile app, you agree to all of the following conditions:

1. Eyes + Vision mobile app is intended for users aged 18 and over (18+). There are contraindications. You should consult your doctor. There are many different diseases and eyesight disorders in which some of the exercises included in Eyes + Vision mobile app (and its future updates) may be contraindicated. Therefore any exercise that you repeat when using this mobile app, as well as the parameters of the pauses, duration and repetitions of its elements, must be agreed by you with the doctor of the relevant specialty and qualification for the treatment, diagnosis or prophylaxis of ocular and related diseases. Without the necessary medical supervision, you use Eyes + Vision mobile app at your own risk.

2. It is forbidden to use Eyes + Vision mobile app to workout your eyes in the dark or immediately after waking up. It is forbidden to move your head and neck sharply when doing exercises for the head. Disable "Fast blink" on the List of exercises if you have symptoms of Photosensitive Epilepsy! Any exercise in this mobile app can be disabled for ready-made workouts or skipped with the "Next" button during a training. If you need to clearly look at an object on which you can't focus without glasses, for example, during "Stereo" exercises, you should use glasses while doing it. The interstitial ads may be displayed immediately after workout and when switching between app screens. You can turn off these ads in app Settings by purchasing the Premium subscription, which also gives you access to premium workouts, the "My workouts" mode and premium graphical themes.

3. Your Eyes + Vision subscription is tied to your App Store or Google Play account and applies to all your mobile devices with the same account. If your subscription is currently active and you want to restore it on your device, you can use the "Restore Purchases" button to online check and synchronize.

4. NO WARRANTY and Limitation of Liability. Eyes + Vision mobile app, as well as its future updates is provided to you "as is", with possible faults and errors, without any warranty of any kind. Eyes + Vision mobile app and its creators (as well as Apple and Google) do not bear any liability for possible disorders, deterioration of well-being, injuries, diseases and any other negative consequences and any other claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses as a result of using this mobile app. The creators of Eyes + Vision mobile app (as well as Apple and Google) do not assume any liability for the conformity of Eyes + Vision mobile app (as well as its future updates) with your purposes and expectations.

5. You are limited by a non-exclusive license to use the Eyes + Vision mobile app only for personal purpose. You may not sell, distribute or sublicense this app. You may not reverse-engineer, reverse compile or disassemble the Eyes + Vision mobile app code or in any other way try to get the source code. You may not extract any components from the Eyes + Vision mobile app and make derivative works based on it. The Eyes + Vision mobile app and all rights to it are reserved under the copyright laws, international treaty provisions and agreements.

This Terms was last updated on February 19, 2022.

Attention: self-treatment can be dangerous, so it is important to consult an ophthalmologist for the right diagnosis and recommendations for eye exercises adapted to your individual needs and vision condition.

In this app, variations of eye exercises and ready-made workouts are offered, based on recommendations from articles on the websites and blogs of ophthalmic clinics (search phrases: "prevent eye diseases", "improve of eye health"), as well as information from scientific and medical sources about conducted research, which determined the positive impact of eye exercises on vision health:

  1. Computer-based Primary Visual Cortex Training for Treatment of Low Myopia and Early Presbyopia
  2. Development of a set of eye exercises for the prevention of visual impairment
  3. Accommodative Exercises to Lower Intraocular Pressure
  4. The need for using visual exercises and games for the healthy impact on students (page 115)
  5. An Evidence-Based Strategic Approach to Prevention and Treatment of Dry Eye Disease, a Modern Global Epidemic (3.2.1. Strategies for Primary Prevention: Eye Protective Health Practices during video display units use)
  6. On tactics of treatment of acquired myopia based on adaptation theory
  7. Modern treatment of meibomian glands dysfunction – practical advices
  8. From Brain Science to Full Vision

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