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Eyesight is a precious personal gift and happiness.
Take care of your eyes and we will help you.

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Training: vision care with eye exercises
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Eye-Fit Training help you with amblyopia, cyclospasm (accommodation spasm), myopia, hyperopia, "lazy eye" syndrome, strabismus, "dry eye" syndrome, blurred vision, eye strain etc. Also it helps to improve: well-being, vitality, precision, concentration, performance and stress relief. It is a free, universal, powerful and flexible mobile app for health and activity of the eyesight. Yes, and my mom uses this app every day!

Eye-Fit Training mobile app features:

List of ready workouts:

If your doctor has advised you on certain vision exercises, you can use the "My workouts" mode to create your personal vision training or selectively run the eye exercises you need from the List of exercises.

NOTE: There are contraindications. Be sure to consult your doctor on the list of available exercises for eyes. You can disable or skip any exercise during workout by tap on the "Next" icon.

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Get the free Eye-Fit Training mobile app:
Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

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